Interactive Ad concept for ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL®

Interactive Ad campaign concept for ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL® around the world.

Interactive Ad concept for ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL®
A few months ago I was asked to find a way to visually and practically connect all the ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL® bars around the world in a way that would be easily understood and recognizable on an international scale.
Together with one of our talented copywriters a simple yet delicate solution started to take form. We wanted to tell the story of the momentarily frozen Torne River water that come alive in the hands of talented artists around the world. This is what came out of it.
Viewers are asked to scan the QR code in the Ad and to then place their smartphone in the white space accordingly. A film would then start to play, bringing the Ad to life and telling the story of the frozen river on a theme, specific to the surrounding image.
To further push the fact that we are advertising the ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL® concept and not ICEHOTEL itself we added references associated with the bar world, such as: With a Twist, Shaken not Stirred, Sparkling etc.
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