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Branding of the Arctic Light Filmfestival. Ongoing work for the filmcommission. Final result to be presented in October of 2008. ©2008 JOB Reklambyrå

> Branding of the Arctic Light Filmfestival
Range: Designing and developing the new identity for the Arctic Light FilmfestivalTimeframe: Work started in early 2008 and will continue until final presentation in October of 2008.
Brief: Bringing the Arctic Light Filmfestival into the spotlight.I was asked to deliver the designs for their new identity a cpl months back. The brief stated that it needed to be clean and crisp, yet edgy and it also had to stand out in a crowd.. (needless to say, nothing we all haven't heard a thousand times before.) The whole campaign would see a three-step-process of growth instead of just shocking the audience with something completely different right away. In my mind my mission was perfect; kinda like showing people the difference between right and wrong.. Saying: "Hey, we're sushi, you're kebab". It's that simple :D
1st effort went into finding a new direction in order to distance the new identity from the previous one. The look and feel of it, had to be one that would be easy to pitch to the customer who all work on the frontlines of the movie industry.
Work is now ongoing to find the perfect suite in which to market the new identity and the client has also yet to descide on which level their awards will rank internationally from here on.

[work on this is still ongoing and updates to this project will be made periodically]

Cheers & thanks to all who supplied their thoughts and comments (you know who you are)

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