Commissioned work | Illustrations 07-08

> Commissioned work | IllustrationsRange: picked a few (of about 100 done over the past year) just to show the range of some of my different clients and styles. More will follow but i'm still awating the clients OK before publishing it here.
Size: Ranging from custom editorial pieces to large-format wallarts and interior wall decorations.Time: always ongoing & always evolving..
EDITORIAL/FASHION ILLUSTRATION Finished version displays the head and face as well but by posting this one instead the models identity is still protected. Image seen in magazines and advertisings.
EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION One piece of many done for the government. Illustration is in a scalable vector format and has been used in formats ranging from 1200x2500mm down to 20x30mm. Seen here in 200x260mm.
EDITORIAL/FASHION ILLUSTRATION Illustrations done for the Swedish Workhealth Institute about the dangers of living for your job. All my friends laughed when they heard about this commission seeing how i'm always the one to come in to the office first and always the one to leave last..Illustrations are used on posters and postcards distributed nationally as well as internationally and are today found on many Swedish offices throughout the world!
EDITORIAL/FASHION ILLUSTRATION Done for an editioral piece on the HBO hitseries "Entourage".
EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION Some pieces done for a Swedish Economics magazine.
EDITORIAL/POSTER ILLUSTRATION Done for the city of Luleå/Swe for the approaching soccerseason. Illustration used in magazines, on posters and other media.
EDITORIAL/FASHION ILLUSTRATION "She haunts my dreams". Done for a magazine and later also sold as a large-size wallpaper and 1300x2200mm art-stand.
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